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This page describes PmWiki’s default InterMap links, and how a wiki administrator can create additional InterMap links.

An intermap entry takes the following format:


PmWiki is distributed with the following InterMap entries in scripts/intermap.txt:


You can create your own InterMap links by doing one or more of the following:

  • Create a Site.InterMap page and place entries like the ones above in it.
  • Create a local/localmap.txt file and place entries like the ones above in it.
  • In a WikiFarm installation you can create a local/farmmap.txt file to hold your entries.

Do not edit the intermap.txt file directly! If you do, you’ll lose your changes when you upgrade PmWiki.

Variables and InterMap Links

It’s possible to use variables within your InterMap entries. The following entries create ThisWiki: and ThisPage: shortcuts:

ThisWiki:        $ScriptUrl
ThisPage:        {$PageUrl}

You can also define InterMap entries where the text of the entry is substituted into the middle of the URL. Just include ‘$1′ in the URL where you want the substitution to take place. For example:


would cause Jargon:F/feature-creep to be converted to

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